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Retrospective- Alexander Sokurov

alexander-sokurovOne of the most important contemporary filmmakers, Alexander Sokurov receives this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award . His films often created tensions with the Soviet authorities but he received great support from such outstanding film masters as Andrei Tarkovsky. While mostly known for his feature films, Sokurov has directed over 20 interesting documentaries. Mother and Son (1997) was his first internationally acclaimed feature film. It was mirrored by Father and Son (2003), which baffled the critics with its implicit homo-eroticism. Susan Sontag included two Sokurov features among her ten favorite films of the 1990s, saying: “There’s no director active today whose films I admire as much”. In 2006, he received the Master of Cinema Award of the International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg. His 2002 sensational one shot Film “Russian Ark” is a historic achievement that will be watched and talked about by many generations.

Sokurov has bestowed with awards at Berlin, Cannes, Moscow, Toronto, Locarno and European Film Festivals.

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