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Shade / Shehjar

Shade / Shehjar

Director: Nikhil Allug /India/126/Hindi|Kashmiri|Bengali/2017



SYNOPSIS A young Kashmiri Couple with their two teenage Sons travel from Kashmir to Mumbai for a brief stay. Received by a man named Zaffar, they are taken to a sparsely furnished makeshift house where they would stay at during their stay in ‘The city that never sleeps’. Slowly the families interaction with each other in the new surroundings put their relations with each other to test leading to unexpected consequences & revelations.


Written & Directed by  Nikhil Allug
Produced by  Nikhil Allug, Anil Kumar Allug
Sound Designer  Joy Banerjee
Cast Ira Dubey , Sunil Kumar Palwal, Burhan Shafi Itoo, Zahid Mir, Kaliprasad Mukherjee


Director Nikhil Allug

Director Nikhil Allug

Shehjar (Shade) is my sincere debut feature film attempt to make a strong Social/Drama with elements of Suspense, Thrill, Romance, Comedy, Action with the social message of Humanity being its backbone & against the morbid situational backdrop of the ongoing Kashmir issue. It tries to look beyond typical representations choosing a novel approach to tell the story about the four protagonists. We all as humans are made of shades of grey with good & bad within us which differ basis on where we are born, how we are bought up & our decisions. I wanted to make a film which does not take sides, rather show how every human in any part of the world is innately merely seeking the ‘Shade’ of Shelter, Acceptance & Love.



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