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IFFK Photo Exhibition Begins


Former Minister for Cultural Affairs A K Balan inaugurated the photo exhibitions organised as part of the IFFK at Tagore Theatre. He released 'Anargha Nimisham', the book authored by Mangad Ratnakaran handing over noted to author Paul Zacharia.

The exhibitions mainly showcases two categories of photographs that mark the rich history of Malayalam cinema. ‘Anargha Nimisham’ is a collection of 100 photos by ace photographer Punalur Rajan which accurately trace back the milestones of the Malayalam cinema. The filming frames and still photographs of actors Prem Nazir, Sathyan, Sheela, Ambika, Sharada, Bahadur, Raj Kapoor, Ashok Kumar among others are included in the photo exhibition. The section is creatively curated by the author Mangad Ratnakaran and the artist C Pradeep Chandrakumar. 

With regard to the 110th birth anniversary of the profound actor Sathyan, the exhibition provides a glance into the on-screen life of the actor by displaying 110 excellent pictures from his cinema career spanning over two decades.

KSCA Chairman Ranjith, Vice Chairman Premkumar, Secretary C Ajoy, KSCA General Council Member Pradeep Chokli and other eminent personas were present at the programme.