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Malayalam Cinema is experiencing only occasional changes, says Open Forum


The Malayalam film industry is merely accepting sporadic alterations; these changes are not director and writer-oriented. Director Santhosh Babusenan pointed out that even though the presentation aspect is varied, there is no significant shift in the content of films. He emphasized the absence of experimental films in Malayalam cinema.

Director Anand Ekarshi expressed that he doesn't create films with the sole purpose of pleasing the audience; rather, his films are rooted in his ideologies. Vignesh P Sasidharan attributed the slow pace of changes in Malayalam cinema to the constraints of big-budget productions, noting that the industry remains entangled in dramatic narratives. He also highlighted the prevailing perception that action movies are synonymous with RDX.

Don Palathara remarked that although OTT films have found favor with audiences, the platform struggles to provide stability for such productions. The open forum, including participants Gagan Dev, Prashant Vijay, Renoshan, Sunil Malur, and KC Jithin, shed light on the current state of Malayalam cinema.