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Margot Michaud is in love with Anand Ekarshi's 'Attam'


Margot Michaud, Director of Alliance Française de Trivandrum, expressed her admiration for the Malayalam film 'Attam,' directed by Anand Ekarshi, following its screening at Kalabhavan theatre. She remarked that she would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Q: What is your take on 'Attam'?
A: The film was subtle and thought-provoking. After experiencing it, I believe there is ample opportunity for increased collaboration between French and Malayalam cinema. Why not showcase this movie during the celebration of International Women's Day? I am certainly considering that option.

Q: How did you find IFFK?
A: The festival provides a fantastic platform to explore both classic and contemporary films from India and around the world. It is an exhilarating event. While the international perspective adds value, I find myself drawn to Indian films, as I am discovering Indian culture as an outsider. I observe that artists are deeply committed and advocate for social causes.

Q: Thoughts on the audience's involvement in the festival?
A: This is a tremendous opportunity for cinephiles. The enthusiasm is also fueled by the active participation and support of students. Cinema serves as a magical medium to collectively share experiences. Let us encourage this art form and means of socialization among the younger generation.

Q: Is Alliance Française also screening movies to promote cinema?
A: Yes. Alliance Française conducts screenings in Thiruvananthapuram about once in a month to promote French cinema. We aspire to expand these activities, particularly at our Annex in Kochi. We expressed our desire to be part of the IFFK, and thanks to the French Institute, we have access to a wealth of films, with the only condition being that they are viewed for free.

Q: How would you describe the film festival atmosphere in France?
A: France is synonymous with cinema, from the pioneering days of the Lumière brothers to the contemporary Cannes Festival and the Lumière Festival in Lyon. I am delighted to champion Kerala cinema as well. 'Attam' is undeniably a film I would recommend.