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Communal issues will surely divide the people- Haobam Paban Kumar


In view of the conflicts in Manipur, the director of 'Joseph’s Son,' Haobam Paban Kumar, stated, 'The place, time, and situation don't matter if there is a communal issue. It will surely split the people into fragments.' He was speaking at the 'Meet the Director' session on Wednesday. Paban Kumar spoke about the current situation in Manipur, connecting with his film. 'Manipur is a mini India. Every community there wants to acquire their own land. People are really struggling because of the communal issues,' he explained.

Paban Kumar also discussed the trauma and fear of living in Manipur. He mentioned that there are about 35 communities in Manipur. 'Joseph’s Son' is Paban Kumar's third fiction film. 'The films are not getting much exposure in Manipur because of the small population,' he added.

This Meerasahib-led session was attended by Lubdhak Chatterjee,director of Whispers of Fire and Water; Felipe Carmona,director of Prison in the Andes;Tatiana Graullera, producer of Totem; Visvesh Singh Sehrawat, producer of 'Bahadur the Brave; Srijit Mukherji, director of Padatik; and Shokir Kholikov, director of Sunday.