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Cinema opens our eyes to the World- Depicts the Signature Film


The 52-second-long animation, the signature film of the 28th IFFK, was released at Tagore Theatre on 7th December 2023. It intricately portrays the significance of Kerala as the epicenter that encapsulates the essence of cinema.

The film unfolds with a plant sprouting out of the earth, signifying new life in the lush green land of Kerala. A crow pheasant, the festival bird of IFFK, flies from the sky dropping a bunch of magical fruits that look akin to blueberries. As soon as the woman and the man come in contact with the fruit, their lives are changed forever. They now see the world of cinema; their eyes are opened not just to the world but to the myriad of possibilities that the world holds in store for them.

With this truly captivating animated clip, the director Thommen Lukose and Boby Rajan have pointed out the significance of cinema as a medium and the impact it has had on the people of Kerala. Lukose and Rajan are also the creative brains behind the concept and visuals of the captivating signature film. The music of the film has been scored by Jonathan Bruce. The sound design and final mix have been done by MR Raajakrishnan. The production is by Mahesh Laxman, and Iris Studio Line has taken care of the post-production. Amal Krishna and Gokul C Mani are the 3D artists for the film.