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'Financial interests invade artist's freedom', says Nandita Das


'The financial interests in film making are unrightfully invades the artist's freedom', said the noted filmmaker and actor Nandita Das, addressing at the Meet the Director session of the 27th IFFK. Corporate interactions have become very common in the film industry, she added.

There has been a change witnessed in film production where the expected audience category is seen different. Now, the trends in the field shows that anyone could enjoy any film, opined director Mahesh Narayanan.  Director Kamal K M said that along with censorship, sponsorship is very popular in the industry.
Assamese director Monjul Baruah, actor Dr. Jahanara Begum, Ukrainian actor Oksana Cherkashina, Hadi Khasanfari, Sri Lankan director Aruna Jayawardhana, Mahendra Perera and others were participated. The session was moderated by A. Meera Sahib.