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54 films to have the final screening on Thursday


54 films including 27 films from World Cinema category will have their final screening on Thursday. Oscar-nominated French film 'Close', Malou Reymann's 'Unruly', Iranian film 'Leila's Brothers', Julia Murat’s 'Rule 34', Palme d'Or winning Ruben Ösland's satire 'Triangle of Sadness', and Tunisian film 'Harka' are the most popular films in the World Cinema category.

'Concerned Citizen', 'A Place of Our Own', 'Kerr', 'Tug of War', 'Utama' and, 'Convenience Store', the second screening of Kim Ki Duk's final directorial, 'Call of God' and, the US film 'The Veil' also will have its final screening on Thursday. Malayalam films including 'Freedom Fight', 19(1)(a) and, 'Baakki Vannavar' are also included.