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Deadline for Media Awards: 15 December 2022, 2 p.m IST


Applications for Media Awards of the 27th IFFK can be submitted till 02 p.m tomorrow (December 15). Print, Visual, Broadcast and Online media reporting the festival could submit application along with copy of reports to IFFK Media Cell functioning at Tagore Theatre, Thiruvananthapuram.

Applications from media organisations for the comprehensive coverage of the festival are also invited. Entries must be submitted separately for each category. This time, community radios are also considered in the Broadcast Media category. Entries should be submitted separately for individual awards and institutions.

Audio - visual media should submit their entries in pendrive (02 copies) and online media should email their entries as web links to iffkmediaawards@gmail.com or in pendrive. Print media should submit their entries with the original copies (03 copies) of the newspaper. Reporters and photographers applying individually should have marked reports/photographs with by-lines. 03 copies of the newspaper containing photos and reports should be provided. The consent letter of the head of the institution should be submitted along with the applications. For more information, please call: 9544917693

The categories, include: 

Media Awards

1.    Best Print Media
2.    Best Visual Media
3.    Best Radio
4.    Best Online Media

Individual Awards

1.    Best Print Media Reporter
2.    Best Visual Media Reporter
3.    Best Photographer
4.    Best Cameraperson